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Legal Dimensions of International Grantmaking

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  • Funding Charitable Work in Sanctioned Countries; Navigating OFAC Compliance by Timothy S. Burgett, World Vision International, January 2009.


  • International Grantmaking from Donor-Advised Funds: New Requirements and Changing Practices after the Pension Protection Act of 2006 By Andras Kosaras, Arnold & Porter LLP, January 2008.


  • Grantmaking Under the U.S.-Mexico Treaty: Old Frustrations, New Promise By Michael W. Durham, Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered. July 2007.
  • Re-grants by International Intermediaries that are not Public Charities: Is Expenditure Responsibility Required and, if so, by Whom? By Joshua Mintz, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and
    Jodi Pellettiere, Quarles & Brady LLP. 1st Quarter 2007.



  • The Debate Over Anti-terrorism Certification, By Andrew Schulz, Deputy General Counsel, Council on Foundations. 3rd Quarter 2005
  • Equivalency or Expenditure Responsibility? A Guide in Plain English, (in PDF) By Betsy Adler and Stephanie Petit, Silk, Adler & Colvin. 2nd Quarter 2005.
  • The Principles of International Charity: An Effective Alternative to the Voluntary Guidelines (in PDF), By Sharon P. Light, Caplin & Drysdale. 1st Quarter 2005.
  • Federal Anti–Terrorism Measures: How Foundations and Corporate Grantmakers are Responding, By Rob Buchanan, Council on Foundations. 1st Quarter 2005.


  • Donor-Advised Funds and International Grantmaking, By Rob Buchanan, Council on Foundations. 4th Quarter 2004
  • Grantmaking in an Age of Terrorism: Some Thoughts About Compliance Strategies, By Janne G. Gallagher, Council on Foundations. 2nd Quarter 2004.
  • Charity Governance After Sarbanes-Oxley, By Joshua Mintz, John D. and Catherine T. MacAurthur Foundation and John P. Vail, Quarles and Brady LLP. 1st Quarter 2004.


  • Recommendations to Safeguard International Grantmaking and Ensure More Effective Compliance with the Voluntary Financing Guidelines. Excerpts from Comments filed by the Council with the Department of Treasury. 3rd Quarter 2003.
  • Simpler Approaches to Cross-Border Giving through Domestic Collaborations:A Post –September 11 Update, Timothy R. Lyman and Edgardo Ramos, Day Berry & Howard Foundation. 2nd Quarter 2003.
  • May a Private Foundation Make an International Grant That Includes Political Advocacy?, By Gregory E. Siegler and Gregory L. Colvin, Silk, Adler & Colvin. 1st Quarter 2003.


  • International Grantmaking after September 11: Dealing with Executive Order 13224 and the USA Patriot Act, By Timothy R. Lyman, Michael G. Considine and Jennifer L. Sachs, Day Berry & Howard Foundation. Fall 2002.
  • Council on Foundations Seeking Guidance to Clarify Withholding Obligations for Certain Foreign Grantmaking (Section 1441), By Robert Boisture, Caplin & Drysdale. Spring 2002.
  • Supporting Organizations in International Grantmaking: A Recent Ruling Shows this is an ideal tool for Major Support to a Foreign Charity, Timothy R. Lyman, Day Berry & Howard Foundation. January 2002.


  • Bar Association Task Force Revisits Private Foundation Rules: Implications for Foreign Grantmaking, By Richard S. Gallagher, Foley & Lardner. Winter 2001.
  • IRS Affirms Streamlined Approach to International Grantmaking by Foundations, By Legal Staff, Council on Foundations. June 2001.


  • Conducting Overseas Site Visits, By Victoria B. Bjorklund and Jennifer I. Goldberg, Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett. Fall 2000.
  • Program-Related Investments: Domestic and International, By David S. Chernoff, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Summer 2000.
  • Supporting Microfinance Abroad: Introductory Legal Issues, By Timothy R. Lyman, Day Berry & Howard Foundation. Spring 2000.


  • What's Behind the Foreign Public Charity Equivalence Affidavit? By Betsy Buchalter Adler and Ingrid P. Mittermaier, Silk, Adler & Colvin. Winter 1999.
  • How a Private Foundation Can Use "Friends Of" Organizations, By Victoria B. Bjorklund and Jennifer I. Reynoso, Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett. Winter 1999.
  • Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations in Canada, By Blake Bromley. Summer 1999.
  • Grantmaking and Embargoed Countries: an Overview Using Kosovo as a Case Study, By Timothy S. Burgett, World Vision International and Timothy R. Lyman, Day Berry & Howard Foundation. Summer 1999.
  • Dissolution Dos & Don'ts, By Karla W. Simon, Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America. Summer 1999.
  • The Out of Corpus Rule Reviewed, By Milton Cerny and Doug Varley, Caplin and Drysdale. Spring 1999.


  • International Donor-Advised Funds, By Betsy Buchalter Adler, Silk, Adler & Colvin. Winter 1998.
  • Simpler Approaches to Cross-Border Giving Through Domestic Collaborations, By Timothy R. Lyman, Day Berry & Howard Foundation. Winter 1998.
  • Grantmaking by Private Foundations in the International Arena, By Thomas Chomicz, Wilson & McIlvaine. Fall 1998.
  • Grantmaking in Mexico, By Vivian L. Cavalieri, Caplin and Drysdale. August 1998.


  • Private Ruling Takes Pragmatic Approach to International Regranting, By Milton Cerny and Beth Sellers, Caplin and Drysdale. Fall 1997.


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