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Criteria for selection

  1. The report originates with a Council on Foundations member, recognized affinity group, partner organization or other credible group or network with which the Council has a relationship and firsthand knowledge.
  2. The report contributes broadly to the field of international grantmaking (i.e., the topic is not too narrowly focused).
  3. The report highlights important topics or issues for international development that do not receive adequate attention.
  4. The report highlights successful or promising strategies, approaches, and models that can improve the effectiveness of international grantmaking.
  5. The report provides useful background research and analysis of issues, sectors, regions, or countries.
  6. The report appears to be objective; that is, it is not a promotional piece or designed for fundraising purposes.
  7. The report is not offensive in any way.
  8. The report is written in English.
  9. The Council on Foundations will be the ultimate arbiter of what material is posted or linked.

We welcome any suggestions of books, papers or other publications for inclusion in this section of the website. To suggest an item, email . Please refer to the above criteria before submitting an item for inclusion in this library.



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