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Intermediary/Partner Organizations

Intermediary organizations or funding partners are usually public charities that raise funds in the U.S. and regrant them internationally. Forming a collaboration with an intermediary is often the simplest way for a U.S. corporation or private foundation to give globally without taking on the legal and practical challenges of doing so directly.

The following non-exhaustive list of intermediaries/partner organizations are organized by issue and geographic area and is populated with Council members and organizations familiar to USIG:

Please note that the inclusion of a link to an organization does not mean that the organization has been vetted, investigated or endorsed by the USIG project or the Council on Foundations. USIG, its members and affiliates cannot be held responsible for the activities of any outside organization. Caution, common sense and due diligence should be exercised in dealing with any intermediary organization.

Your regional community foundation may be another option for organizations that wish to give globally through a domestic public charity. Visit the Council's community foundation locator to locate your regional community foundation.

For more information on how to give globally through domestic funding partners, refer to:

  • "Simpler Approaches to Cross-Border Giving through Domestic Collaborations: A Post –September 11 Update" by Timothy R. Lyman and Edgardo Ramos of the Day Berry & Howard Foundation.
  • "How a Private Foundation Can Use "Friends Of" Organizations" by Victoria B. Bjorklund and Jennifer I. Goldberg of Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett.

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